Size A: is recommended for younger girls and a light to average flow. It holds 15 ml of menstrual blood which is equivalent to 2 regular tampons.

Size B: is recommended for a medium to heavy flow. It holds 20 ml of menstrual blood which is equivalent to 3 regular tampons.

Yes, you can use a cup from your first period.

Yes, you can use the small cup but you will have to empty it more often.

Sometimes the cup may move upwards and be difficult to remove. This can happen during the night. Relax. Your cup cannot “get lost”. Firstly wait for half an hour or so and allow gravity to bring the cup down naturally. Then taking a squatting position, with your heels together and your knees out, push downwards using the same muscles as when making a bowl movement.  Using your fingertips, gently pull the stem downwards and forwards until you are able to pinch the base of the cup and take it out completely.

If the vacuum isn’t broken when you pinch the base of the cup, you can insert your finger between the cup and the wall of your vagina so that the seal is broken.

This depends on your flow but most women can leave the cup in place overnight and for 8 – 10 hours during the day.

The stem of the cup should not sit outside of your vagina. If it does, you may want to trim the stem for added comfort. We recommend you trim the stem in stages so that you get exactly the right length for you.

If you experience leaking it is possible that the cup is sitting too high. This is sometimes the case when changing from a tampon to a cup. The cup should sit inside the vagina, just above the pelvic bone. 

It takes time to learn something new, be patient and after three cycles we feel confident that you will have found a way that works for you.  We recommended practicing putting the cup in and taking it out when you don’t have your period.

Yes, you can do all your normal activities whilst using the cup including swimming, sport, travel, work and school.

Yes, water or other suitable lubricants may be used to help with inserting the cup.

Your cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is completely safe to use. The cup is one of the few menstrual cups to have been included in published medical trial proving its safety and acceptability. 

Do not use the cup if it is damaged.

No, you don’t need to remove the cup but if you feel it has moved you may wish to take it out and reposition it. 

No, the cup is not a form of contraception and must be removed before sexual intercourse.

No, the cup does not protect you contracting an STI

Yes, once you have had your 6 week check up and your Doctor is happy, you can use the Cup.

No, the cup is made from medical grade silicone and if used as recommended, you cannot have an adverse reaction to it. 

No, you cannot get toxic shock syndrome from using a Menstrual Cup.

No, the cup won’t give you a yeast infection but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a yeast infection for other reasons and you should seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

Any sanitary product that is worn internally may stretch or break the hymen. 

A virgin is a man or woman who has not had penetrative sex. Using a sanitary product that is inserted does not affect your status as a virgin.

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